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ArT Event$

t-matisyahuI had the honor of watching Matisyahu perform in Mission Bay at the Elemental Experience Event. “All of my songs are influenced and inspired by the teachings that inspire me. I want my music to have meaning, to be able to touch people and make them think. Chasidism teaches that music is ‘the quill of the soul.’ Music taps into a very deep place and speaks to us in a way that regular words can’t.” – Matisyahu
filled grounds of Mission Bay, Matisyahu wove his lyrical messages in and out through backbeats of reggae and rock. His unique styling of mixing contemporary rap with beatboxing may be off-putting to the reggae purist, but offers a refreshing twist to the newcomer who appreciates the exploration and cross genre melding.

filmfront09web300v2Latino Film Festival!!
El Cant Dels Ocells
Thursday, March 19, 6:00 pm
(Spain/Portugal, with Portuguese subtitles)
The Three Wise Kings travel in search of the Messiah who has just been born. Okay this is not a prequel to Monty Python’s Life of Brian but it has a strange tone that’s hard to define. It is sometimes silly, sometimes funny -both intentionally and not – and yet it is often luminously beautiful in its crisp black and white images. Filmmaker Albert Serra employs hardly any dialogue in this strangely compelling experimental work.

The Story

February 14th 2009!
YES!!! I went to see Don Quixote at the San Diego Opera!
An Impossible Dream: Can an eccentric, elderly knight capture the heart of the woman he adores? The opera brought to life one of the noblest gentlemen in all literature – Don Quixote!. Romantic and idealistic, he sees Dulcinea not as she truly is, but as the ideal of womanhood. With loyal Sancho Panza at his side, he sets off on a quest – fighting windmills he believes are “giants”, escaping bandits, and risking death – to win the love of his idolized Dulcinea. One of the reasons i love this story so much is because of the tales I read about Don Quixote when i was in 6th grade.
The Music (was AWESOooooOOME!!!)

Excitingly Spanish, with pulsating rhythms and stirring choruses, the music also hAD an intimate, tragic side as Don Quixote realizes his dream is ending. His final scene is one of the most touching, sensitive and moving in all opera as he lies delirious, believing he hears Dulcinea’s voice calling from a bright star. The magical world of Don Quixote’s classical Spain is brought to life during the opera. The stage portrayed bright colors of a vivid country, the dented armor of a crumpled Don Quixote, huge windmills whirling in the mists, and the tranquility of a starry night. 2 thumbs UP!!


Top 3 @rtists..::..

nrockwell7pmax1echerPeter Max, M.C.Escher, and Norman Rockwell are probably the artists most responsible for my style. And M.C. Escher is a pencil artist extraordinaire – one I would emulate if I had all the time in the world to sketch – I admire the mind play of his work and the tricks he dose with his lines.

One of the things I severely lack as an artist is the ability to spend a long time on a piece of artwork. I am, for all intents and purposes, kind of a “quick sketch artist”. I like to get it down and move on to the next creative thought bubble. So I admire those artists who do things I would like to do but probably never will because of lack of time or patience – one of those things being spending years on one piece of work!

Rockwell is one of my favorite artist of all times. I remember seeing his art as a child and being impressed by its simplicity, yet complexity (am I making sense?). Anyhow it was not until I was an adult that I realized his cultural relevance and awareness. He captured so many emotions and was actually measuring the pulse of the nation during different eras (the picture of Ruby Bridges being escorted comes to mind). I miss him and wonder what he would be drawing today

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